Listening to music is one of my absolute favourite things to do when I need a shift in my mood.  Sometimes, we just need a nudge to knock us back into the lighter side of life and get us back on track and on our way to achieving what we want. Getting the blood pumping and the heart racing is a great way to lift your mood, stimulate your brain and re-motivate. So put on some happy songs and have a little dance!

Here’s my quick fix of 9 happy songs – my first 9 I go to, hope you enjoy them too x



1.The Best Day Of My Life – American Authors


2. Happy – Pharell Williams

3. Proud – Heather Small


4.  I got you (I feel good) – James Brown

5 Firework – Katy Perry

6. Shiny Happy People – REM

7. National Express – The Divine Comedy


8. I gotta feeling – Black Eyed Peas

9. Beautiful Day – U2