I am 45 years old.

Adjectives such as perky, smooth and taught are no longer used

As a woman over 40 I am very much aware that adjectives such as perky, smooth and taught are no longer used when describing how my body looks these days. It is sooooo easy to moan and complain about getting older and highlighting all the faults and disappointments that come with an aging body.

However, try this, personify your body, recount your life’s story and see how you feel about her afterwards.

My body is 45 years old, the same as my mind I guess. My mind is active and certainly works overtime on a regular basis. It has great ideas and likes to be challenged and push comfort zones. My body, well, thinking about it she has been so loyal and has never let me down, she has always carried through everything my mind wanted to do!

I collected scrapes and bruises like trophies

As a child I learnt to walk, run, climb trees, swim and dance. I collected scrapes and bruises like trophies awarded for my adventures and my body healed and moved on.

As a student at university, I studied, threw myself out of an aeroplane (with a parachute I hasten to add), played sports and drank alcohol…and danced and drank alcohol…oh and I drank alcohol.I slept a great deal too. My body got over the hangovers, rid my body of the toxins and kept up with life.

As an adult, my body got me to work, took me on great adventures all over the world, united with another body (got married!) and conceived, made and produced me two beautiful babies!

My body is amazing,  it really has been loyal.  It has run 10ks, it has swam in galas, it has climbed mountains and cycled up and down hills, it has given birth and received surgery, it has fallen into the arms of another, it has shown me great pleasures and helped me achieve much.

When I stop and think about it I owe my body everything!

Have I ever been truly grateful?  

I am now, but I’ve not always been.

When I think about it, over the years, I have intentionally and unintentionally fed her toxins, chemicals and ooodles of sugar, alcohol and junk food. I’ve let her get dehydrated, drunk and fat and presented her with dangerous situations many times; sometimes in the name of fun and others by default. Yet,  she kept me going, alive and well. In more recent times I have complained about how she looks and that she is ageing. I’ve told her that she is not looking as good as she once.  My body, she merely remains silent and carries on.

If I have ever owned anything as old or even older than me (yes, there are such things ha ha!) I have always cherished and loved it and looked after it well.

My car gets serviced regularly and my home gets maintained, so perhaps I need to be thinking about more self care these days…for my body.

My body, my most loyal friend and companion, deserves to be treated more kindly and respected.

When I think of my body like this, I love her dearly, she is beautiful, she blooming rocks actually and from now on, she gets first class treatment all the way!