Remember to be present in the now

Now, today I did something I haven’t done in years. I certainly didn’t expect to end up blogging about it in this way. But life is full of surprises and you never know when a little life-lesson is going to be conducted. Today’s life-lesson was remembering to be present in the now.

My son, Jack, is almost 10 and he loves to play football. I have been a Southampton fan since I was 5 (I grew up there, so not completely random!) but I haven’t been to a match in decades! So I asked him if he would like to go to a premiership match game with me and his Auntie to see our team play. I am delighted to say “Yeaaahhh!” was the answer.

So, we got tickets to see Leicester City vs Southampton at The King Power Stadium in Leicester and today arrived soon enough.

You cannot help but be 100% in the moment

After we got there and sat in our seats, I realised I’d forgotten so much about what goes on during a match. Yes, there are 22 men on the pitch running around playing football, but there is so much more too. The best thing about it is that you cannot help but be 100% present in the now.

Jack, had so many questions and made observations about what was happening on the pitch. He observed with excitement, how high the player could jump, how far they could throw, how fast they could run and how well they could control the ball. There were the pre-match activities, things happening during the warm up training to watch and of course the match. All we talked about for hours was about what was going on in front and around us.


We were completely engrossed in the game

It was incredibly exciting to be a part of a crowd all cheering and singing. Jack soon picked up the words to the songs and joined in. Lots of fun and the atmosphere was so uplifting. Bring in the now and enjoying the moment was very easy.

It was exhausting and relaxing all at the same time.

BUT not once did I think about everything that I had to do. At no point did I worry about being behind with the washing (does anyone ever actually get ahead of the washing?!) or the blogging I had to do, or the…you get the idea.

I loved:

  • the escapism.
  • that we lost ourselves in it all
  • we could do this together
  • that we laughed, cheered and shouted together

I loved that we shared a passion for football.

We will be ‘marching on’ with Southampton again together!

Life gets busy and sometimes it takes an awful lot of effort to do something new, to make arrangements to go to new places and have new experiences. Our lives are busy enough already. But sometimes it takes a new experience to jolt us back into loving the here and now and forgetting about everything else.

If you like football, go to a match. If you love to watch a play, go to the theatre. Love to sing? Join a choir! Get involved in something you like to do or watch. What ever it is, make time to do it. It’s good for your soul to lose yourself in something you love to do.

Be with other people who share a passion for the same thing as you.

Make the effort, put down your phone and plug into what is happening around you.