I love a good de-clutter. The benefits are huge and I am clearly very responsive to having space around me. This is something I now believe I may have unconsciously denied myself for years. If you have to move things you don’t want to get to the stuff you actually do want, then you will love this.

My love of de-cluttering started unexpectedly one morning when I was trying to find a top to wear. I had swiped through my wardrobe about 6 times looking at the same stuff and not being able to make a decision. As I swiped for the seventh time I found myself actually listening to the objections and negative comments I was muttering to myself as I looked at each item.

“Too small, too scruffy, button missing, hate it, colour doesn’t suit me, makes me feel fat, don’t like the collar” and on and on and on it went. The top I found, the one I wanted to wear, was in a pile of washing on my chair. The pile, I hasten to add, that was there because I couldn’t put the clothes away due to there not being enough room in my wardrobe at the time!

Boom! Flash of lightening and the problem was highlighted.

Like a detective, I became conscious of the evidence and realised the clues were all there.

The clothes I wash, are the clothes I wear. The majority of my clothes in my wardrobe were, well quite honestly just hanging there.

I took action there and then.

Like a Tasmanian Devil, I literally grabbed the items that bugged me the most and knew I was never going to wear again, ran downstairs, put them in a bag and it by the door. As I went out, I picked it up, threw it in the car and dropped it in the nearest charity clothes re-cycling bin.

They were gone. Someone else will love them now. I had room in my wardrobe for the clothes I wear.

OMG it felt good! The job was by no means finished but it was started. Later that day I was able to put my clothes away and felt a slight tingle of excitement that I had started.

It becomes a small obsession once you get started and there’s the key – right there.

Getting started.

So here is my best de-clutter tip ever.

De-clutter when you feel the frustration, right there and then!  ‘Carpe Diem’, seize the day, just take an action, even a really small one. Your trigger, the prompt you are waiting for is just any time you hear a negative comment about an item in your hand or in front of you. If you don’t have time there and then, plan when you will do it and do it then. But do it.

If it’s not loved or you don’t use it…it can go.

Enjoy the clarity and calm that space can give you!