“What do you want?”

Back in 2002 whilst I was living in Dubai I had a coach called Susan Castle. She and I are still friends now and have a lively facebook relationship!

During my first coaching session she set me some homework to write a list of 150 things I wanted to achieve or get done.

I was terrified! You see at the time I had a real issue with ‘wanting’ stuff. The saying “I want, doesn’t get” would be ringing in my ears every time I said I wanted something. Now, I hasten to add I feel very differently about it.

Set some goals!

So I started to set goals, personal goals, big fat hairy goals, goals that I felt were within my reach and goals I actually thought at the time of writing them may never be achieved.  Oh and guess what, some of those I have since achieved.

It was fun and I got into it. Once started, it got easier and easier to do and I loved going back over my list and ticking things off as I achieved them. I also scrubbed a few off the list over time too, they were the goals I felt I should have,  rather than what I actually wanted to have.

So now I am a goal setting expert. I have goals for everything.

Get a goal pot!

I now have a goal pot! That’s it above.

Inside are goals written on colour pieces of paper and they are folded just once. It’s on my desk or on the windowsill (it gets moved about!).  Then whenever I think of it, or when I need a little motivation boost or fancy a little visualisation…you know a day dream, I pop my hand in and pull one out.

I love it. It’s just the right size to get my hand in without too much faffing about, and because it’s a pot..

I feel like I am reaching into a raffle bowl to pick out a prize each time I pull out a goal


So I pick and open one of the folded papers, I look at the goal and I imagine it is already mine! I go to town on this.  I imagine how I am feeling, what I am wearing, who I am with, what I can smell, see, hear and touch. It’s very powerful.

Why not give it a go? Get a jar, box or pot and fill it to the brim with fabulous goals and make visualising them part of your day, every day.

Oh I hasten to add, don’t forget to take inspired action as well! Visualising alone won’t make it happen and keep an eye out for opportunities that suddenly appear…you never know what they may lead to.

Over to you

Do you have a goal pot, jar or box?

I’d love you to comment below and let me know what you love most about it, or how it helps you.