Not looking my best, but my smile should make up for it!

Little and often pays off

This short little clip is me after getting off the cross-trainer one morning…I felt compelled to share a few thoughts on the power of consistency. It’s often hard to get motivated, especially to get up early and do some exercise. But a little and often can have big effects and it’s this we must be mindful off. The end result is worth it. By concentrating on motivating ourselves to just do the little actions frequently soon means the bigger goal gets achieved!

The Power of consistency

So I wanted to make a video because I have being very consistent with something new!


Every day for the last couple of months I’ve been getting on our cross-trainer for  20 minutes or half an hour maybe. I do it as part of my morning routine so the same as I get up and brush my teeth, have my shower I now also do this for half an hour. During the last couple of months, and with a better diet,  I’ve lost a stone and it really hasn’t been that much of an effort.


My recovery rate is really good now and I’m feeling a lot fitter,  it’s complimenting my walking and my swimming and I’m really enjoying it.


But the point is that it’s the consistency,  it’s doing it every day that is really beginning to show the bigger benefits and I really enjoy it.  I feel completely alive, I feel ready for my day, whether that’s doing something with my family or getting on with my business. So it’s well worth doing.


When you’re struggling to get out of bed in the morning, think of the end product of what you’re getting up for and then it’s so much easier. You’ll have a purpose.


Just commit to doing it and believe you can do it…and then just get on with it!