11 years ago today an Emirates flight landed at Birmingham International direct from Dubai. A 16 week pregnant woman and a man holding a 13 month little girl got out of their business class seats, stood up and looked at each other. The man took hold of the woman’s hand, took a deep breath and said, “Well, this is it, welcome to the midlands babe!”

They of course were us!!!!

I cannot believe it’s been 11 years since our 4 year adventure of ‘living in Dubai’ ended and our life in the Midlands started. So many wonderful friends were made in Dubai. So many we still keep in touch with. Great times for sure.

If I am honest, when we landed we were terrified. We had no work between us to come back to, we had to find a home, we had a baby on the way and a babe in arms and I personally had never lived here and knew no one here other than Craig’s family. But like all good stories, we had a goal, we wanted to move back to the UK, we wanted our children to be close to their families and know them, we wanted to build a family life here. That is exactly what we did. We got on with it and made it all happen.

We now enjoy a life FULL of wonderful people, work, friendships, activities and family. It’s been so far, another fabulous chapter in our great adventure as ‘Sa and Craig’.

I love how our lives evolve and move on.

So what have the last 11 years taught me? The secret to a happy life for me is the ability to go for what you want. If it scares you, do it anyway, if things go wrong along the way, learn the lessons, change tactics and keep going for what you want. Then you’ll always get there.

This year is chucking changes at us, a few we are making ourselves, some are happening right in our path, that we must navigate around and some are for me personally (that I cannot tell you how much they scare me). BUT all will work out great!

It always does!

So, thank you to all those of you who make my life so special. You know who you are.