I did something at the end of last week with ease and no guilt and it made me realise just how much I love getting older, how far I have come and how much I have learnt about myself.

The signs were there, a situation had arisen and I acted fast.

Sometimes we doubt ourselves, feel we’re not worthy enough for bigger things in life and sometimes we feel we can climb mountains and conquer anything. The low feelings and negative talk we give ourselves usually appear when our energy levels are low or we just don’t have real clarity over what we are supposed to be doing at that time. We get lost, feel overwhelmed and well, stuck. The good stuff by contrast, the feeling amazing, radiating positivity and being inspirational comes when we feel good, when we’ve slept well, have energy due to light exercise and yes, have eaten well…when we’re in good condition!

So, there I was having a morning where I was feeling ‘meh’,  I just couldn’t get my mojo going, nothing seemed to go to plan and I just wanted to be quite…hormones? Maybe. Lack of desire? Not really. Just one of those days. The frequency I was operating on was not doing me any good.

So I stopped, I did just that. I had no meetings, no skype calls to make and there was no need to speak with anyone, so I grabbed the dog lead…put it on Bella (my dog!) got my hiking boots on and got out into the woods and fresh air. I walked and threw the ball for Bella. The air cleared my head and I realised I was just tired, I’d been reaching for the biscuits and had been muching crisps at my desk while I had been working, I felt sluggish (certain foods really seem to have a bad effect on me these days) and uninspired and it had all contributed to my feeling ‘meh!’

WOW what a difference, within an hour and a half I was buzzing again, feeling refreshed, my heart had been exercised, fresh tree producing oxygen (just a theory of mine I must research!)  was back in the lungs and that burning white heat of desire to produce amazing things was back.  Didn’t take long did it? In days gone by I could have wadded through a whole day feeling like that and ended up just plodding on through and probably getting myself in a right old mood. Not any more. When the vibes go down there is ALWAYS a reason..we just need to stop and read the signs,

We all need to take a break from time to time, I know I really do need to get out daily, but sometimes we need a little more.

When you need to stop and take a break, do, don’t feel guilty, be kind to yourself, think about why this has happened, do something about it and you’ll be back on it so much faster than if you plough on through.

Don’t forget it’s one thing to know this stuff, it’s another to actually take the right action at the right time…that is where the successes show.