To be happy in life we have to be conscious about making good choices and being in environments that are good for us. See why and where I go for a walk every day.

Here’s the transcript if you would prefer to read

Hi, it’s Sara here from Hiking Boots and Posh Pants and I am out here today because I wanted to make a quick vlog about why I get in the car to go for a walk.

I am very, very blessed in that I live five maybe 10 minutes, depending on where what to be away from this fabulous place, just have a little look. Now isn’t it just gorgeous?

There is no one here. I get to be completely on my own. I’m usually in an environment where life is busy, there are always people in our house and I love it that way but I do need my own space.  Since I got Bella and since she got big enough, we go for a lovely walk every single day.

I jump in the car and we come down here or somewhere similar.  The point is,  I like to be outside. I have discovered that I love this and I almost need it now in order for me to stay sane and keep my busy life in check and in perspective.

A few years, I was doing a photo-shoot with Nick and Julie for their business Growing Rural Enterprise. They deal with people in rural businesses and community projects. It’s a wonderful business they have. Nick said to me that there is evidence to show that “the closer people are to nature the happier they become.”  It’s just kind of stuck with me. I don’t know whether it’s because I got older or because I am now able to make room for this kind of thing in my life but I totally agree.

I think being in an environment like this puts things into perspective. You’ve got space to think and get clear on stuff and that is where the luxury is. It’s a luxury I can give myself, just an hour a day, so I do.

So, over to you what kind of environment ignites you and recharges your batteries? Somewhere to breathe and relax, so you can stay sane dealing with everyday life? Are you going there often enough? Could it become a daily habit to be in that environment for a short while daily?

I hope you find your happy place and you go there.

So that’s it, that’s my little life lesson for today.

See you later