Today, August 19th,  is World Photography Day!



Many of us take images every day now. It’s so easy, with our smart phones we have a camera close to hand and so we use them more and more. Social media makes posting images fun and it’s wonderful to be able to convey how we are feeling or what we are doing with an image. Having been a professional photographer for over 10 years, I have to confess that my most used camera in my leisure time is my iPhone or my Fujifilm X100s. The ‘big camera’ often gets left at home, as I run about with the children. The smaller options are just easier to have to hand. So to celebrate world photography day, let’s give it all a little more thought.


Having a passion for photography is not just about having great expensive pro kit. It’s about seeing the moments, understanding light  anticipating great moments and capturing images how you want them to be caught…phone or camera!


If you are just starting out with your phone, I highly recommend getting an instagram account as you can start to play and use the filters and editing tools straight away. If you’re a big facebook user you can link your posts to facebook too. If you want to follow me on Instragram you can find me as hikingbootsandposhpants, if you use #hikingbootsandposhpants when you post I will be able to see what you post as well!

5 photography project Ideas


Often when you are first learning photography it’s hard to actually know what to take images of. People often talk of wanting to take more ‘arty’; shots or abstract images. So here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing and get you clicking on a more regular basis.

1      365 Project

Nice and simple but consistency is the key. The idea here is that you take a shot every day and over the year you can build a real snapshot of your life. Or just have created a gorgeous collection of images that you love. It’s great for building and stretching your photography eye and helps get you to be thinking like a photographer…where you see images everywhere!

2      Colour

Picking a colour as a theme makes you really creative and it often makes you suddenly aware of objects, nature and effects of light more than ever before. Simply pick a colour and let your eyes roam through your day spotting new things. When you pull all the images together, you can create an impactful collection. Why not pick a colour you love in your home and create a piece of wall art to show your creation off…interior designers dream!

3      Look up

I use this one on our photo-walks, because it is always eye opening. we go about our daily lives never really looking up. There is so much to see. Statues on buildings, leaves on trees with beautiful light streaming through, shape, patterns and colours we just miss whilst going about our business. Try it you’ll be amazed.

4      Attitude of Gratitude Project for 30 days

I love this one, you must photograph and post an image that shows or represents something you are grateful for in your life. It could be a friend, your soft warm bed, wonderful food, your favourite coffee cup. Inspiring us to have an attitude of gratitude. Such a gorgeous collection to have.You can look back on your month and feel wonderful!

5      100 faces

This is one I have not done yet – but I love the idea of it and plan to do it soon. You can do this every day or just until you have completed 100 portraits, they must all be different people. I love the idea of doing this with strangers but I think it would work wonderfully to show just how many wonderful people we have in our lives too and the number of people we come across in a week, month of year!


Happy snapping x

Some recommended books that might help get you going

For those of you with cameras and you want to get off Auto and really understand exposures so you can take exactly the images you envisage, this is the book for you.

Understanding Exposure

Bryan Peterson

For portrait inspiration

I have never tired of this book. I love Steve’s work. His ability to capture people is breath taking. Great book for a little inspiration.

Portraits by Steve McCurry

If you have a Fujifilm X100S or x100T then you must read this book. Much better than a manual – great in depth knowledge. Easy to read at leisure. What you really need to know. I loved this book (clearly I have a X100s 😉 )

Fujifilm X100S : From Snapshots to Great Shots

by Kevin Mullins

For the beginner

Really easy book to get started on. Book is split into 10 sections and makes it easy to absorb the basics of photography.

Collins Complete Photography Course

by John Garrett and Graeme Harris